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Team NSKA after competing at the ISKA World championships in Cyprus.

20 Gold – 3 Silver – 1 Bronze.


Help Daz Ellis beat MND

I'm absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of support shown by mine and Daz's friends.

On the 7th of July I felt like my whole world came crashing down around me... I sat there taking in the diagnosis without actually hearing anything.
It was as if the world stopped and the room started spinning with a deafening ringing in my ears..
How could this be, how could someone so fit and healthy be struck down with such a devastating illness.
Whilst the doctor's talked about there being no hope or no cure all I could think was if this disease has started it can be stopped!!!!
Immediately we looked into people who have beat this illness and there are a few.
We changed Daz's diet and supplements even going to the extreme of having hair analysis done. We believe that this is all helping.
Then a week or two ago we came across Stem cell therapy for motor neuron disease and we contacted the Swissmedica website and looked into if it could help.
This treatment has an 87% success rate at stopping or slowing down of this disease.
With those odds and a change in diet plus with Daz's strong will I know we need to have this therapy...
Now this is where I hope we find we have more friends than we ever realised.
The stem cell treatment cost €30,000 for the first treatment then the same again 4 months later. So roughly about £56,000 including flights to Moscow where the treatment is done...
It can't be done on the NHS or so the doctor's say.
I know Daz won't like me asking this of you all, as he is a very proud man..
But I have to ask this of all of you. To everyone that we know I beg you to please take the time to to dig deep onto your pockets and help raise these funds.
I'm hoping that you may have some great ideas for fundraising as I've never done anything like this before.
Could you all please find it in your hearts to help me find the money to save Daz.
Please can you share my status so we can get as much help so that Daz Ellis is not just an average diagnosis. Please help Daz to fight and win......




Ladies Only Kickboxing & Fitness class starting

7:00pm ~ 8:00pm

* * * * * * * *
We now have two fully matted training rooms within the centre.

If you are a fitness or martial arts instructor and are looking for some where to train, or start a new class call in or give us a call.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

We also have Classes in Penwortham to at Broadoak primary school
Kids kickboxing 6.15pm till 7pm every Monday and Wednesday



I have now been training in Martial Arts for over 35 years and hold Dan grades in both traditional Karate, and Freestyle Sport Karate / Kickboxing. I have represented Great Britain on the international stage many times and gained British, European and World Titles. I have also trained with some of the best instructors both in the UK and overseas.

Over the Years I have been iDarren Ellis - N.S.K.A. Chief Instructorinvolved with associations were they would promise instructors and students the earth, only to be let down when the promises never came to fruition. For this reason I decided to form the National Sport Karate Association.


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The association has regular inter-club and open competitions , dan grading's , squad training . Our monthly newsletter for all instructors gives all the information on weekend and one day training courses, we also hold seminars on: refereeing, sparring, power breaking, weapons, self/defence and kata / forms etc.

If you think that you have got what it takes be part of a successful and friendly association then please do not hesitate to contact me or send me a stamped addressed A4 envelope and I will be happy to send you a full information pack. Please include a brief letter about yourself and your Martial Arts background. I look forward to hearing from you.


N.S.K.A : 64 Lowther Crescent : Leyland : Lancashire : England : PR26 6QA : Tel: 01772 461127 / Mobile 07762285858
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