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N.S.K.A. - National Sport Karate Association


Unit 6, Earnshaw Bridge Mill, Longmeanygate, Leyland, PR26 7PA

Behind Warren & Wignall / A.F.L

Tel: 01772 461127 / 07762285858

Beginners classes starting NOW


4 to 8 years Little Dragons * Separate kickboxing classes for adults & kids * Weights & Fitness Suite * Private lessons * Sparring classes * Mixed Family classes!

Like Most Martial Arts Schools We Teach!
Honesty, Respect, Courage, Self-discipline, Strength Compassion,
Perseverance and Good attitude.

Beginners classes starting NOW

How many times a week they train is up to you!


Mums & Dads you can train in the fitness Gym for £10.00 a month if your child trains at the centre.

Whatever your reason for joining us is you will be met with a friendly smile and encouraged to achieve your personal goals, be they toning up, weight loss, general fitness or self defence. There is always a fully qualified instructor on hand to offer you advice on how to recognize and achieve your personal goals.

We are the only full time Martial Arts & fitness centre in the northwest, were you have the option of training at the same time as your children / partner. So if you think its time you got yourself fitter then why not come down & train yourself while your child or partner does theirs! We have two new separate rooms so whether you want to get fitter or get yourself toned up its all here under one roof.


The Chief Instructor of the Centre of Excellence and the Northwest clubs is Sensei Darren Ellis, a black belt 6th Dan. Darren is a nine times world champion and a full time Martial Arts and fitness instructor and has trained for over 35 years. He holds Dan grades in both Traditional Shukokai Karate and Freestyle Kickboxing, of which he holds British, European and World titles in Freestyle Sport Karate. There are only a few Instructors in the Northwest with Darren's experience, having trained with most of the top instructors and coaches from around the world, on Street Self Defence, Full Contact and Semi Contact fighting.

Freestyle Karate more commonly known as Sport Karate or Kickboxing is one of the most modern and powerful Martial Arts practiced today. Through training you will be able to defend yourself effectively and confidently within a relatively short period of time. All tuition is given by fully qualified male and female black belt instructors.

Why should I choose the N.S.K.A School of Martial Arts? Although our techniques are based on centuries old knowledge, our application of that knowledge sets N.S.K.A Clubs and instructors apart from the other schools and associations. We realize that each student possesses different physical abilities. Size and strength varies with each individual, so once you have acquired a strong foundation in the basics, our program will enhance your personal physical capabilities & maximize your self/defence skills. You will understand exactly what it takes, mentally & physically, to defend yourself or your loved ones should the need ever arise.

Programme's Designed With You In Mind! At the Centre of Excellence we are interested not only in self-defence skill, but also in the complete personal development of each student. Individual attention is a feature of each and every class; students are encouraged to progress quickly and easily towards their personal goals. Our instructors take seriously their responsibility as role models for younger Students, teaching them the importance of strong character, leadership and good values.


4 to 8's Little Dragons Programme. I have been asked a hundred times what is the best age to start my son / daughter in martial arts classes! The answer, of course is NOW. Why wait to give your child that extra edge in confidence and self-esteem. Children are fascinated with the idea of learning martial arts, NOW you can give them the chance to learn martial arts the real way safely and by fully qualified black belt instructors.

Our introduction class in to martial arts is for children 4 to 8 year olds the class is run more around martial arts games, which leads to them learning martial arts but in a fun way. All members of the little dragons club get a 15-minute break, half way thorough the lesson so they can have a drink provided by the club. At the end of each lesson all little dragon members receive a free dragon sticker, tattoo etc.

If you would like to be added to the monthly mailing list so you know what's going on each month e-mail me with you name & your N.S.K.A membership Licence number!

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School Of Champions

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Beginners can start at anytime


Male & Female instructors available


Fully insured & qualified instructors


Private lessons are available on request

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Regular self Defence class's


Regular belt gradings { optional }


Regular competitions { optional }


Sparring in the class is { optional }


Merit badge scheme for the juniors


More Confidence & Fitness in weeks


Monthly prize's for junior attendance


Monthly newsletters for all the students

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