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N.S.K.A. - National Sport Karate Association

Team N.S.K.A.

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Irish Open Winners 2005
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The N.S.K.A team has over the last twenty years produced many British European and World champions. Not forgetting the hundreds of domestic titles from all the top tournaments up and down the country. And when you think that all those on the team are from one small club you start to realizes that this is some achievement.


Darren focused on trainingTo be successful at any sport, you must be tougher, smarter and willing to train harder than your opponents. Semi contact point's fighting is, one of the hardest sport's within martial arts to participate in. You may train for six months for a tournament but you will only get one chance. It's not easy & I do not believe in "luck", I believe if you work hard for the things you want, and you do not give up at every little obstacle that gets in your way you will succeed. Don't be put off just because you lose a few fights along the way. I never won anything in my first year of competitions & I don't mind telling you, but I never quit. I just came home & trained harder & longer until I did start winning.

"Tomorrow's victory is won after today's practice"

Pad Work Using Focus Pads
Pad Work Using Focus Pads
Pad Work Using Focus Pads

Team NSKA after competing at last year’s ISKA World championships in Cyprus.

20 Gold – 3 Silver – 1 Bronze.

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